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How to dress for a job interview?

A job interview can be a quite stressful experience, thus you shouldn’t need to worry about your outfit on top of that. There are a few simple rules that can help you chose the right piece from your wardrobe.

To start with – a suit is mandatory. You want to look professional, groomed and self-confident and nothing will help you best that a well-fitted, classic suit. As for the fabric, keep it simple, no extravagant motifs nor light colors, graphite or navy blue would be the best choice. Complete your outfit with a smart white or sky blue shirt finished with semi Italian collar and classic cuffs. Click here to see more

Furthermore, pay attention to your accessories but don’t let them overshadow your ensemble. Always wear a tie, preferably with a standard width of 7 cm. Remember the abiding rule – closing the collar’s button is indispensable when you put a tie! If you wish to use the pocket square, you would select a cotton one, folded in square.

Regarding the shoes, a nice pair of Derby would be a good choice: black, if you decide on

the grey suit and dark brown to go with the navy one. Needless to say, your belt should match your shoes.

To conclude, your appearance should be smart and neat to give the impression of professionalism and coolness at the same time. Moreover, the outfit needs to be classic and toned-down, so as not to derived attention from your performance during the interview.

Fabrics to recommend:

Choose an Italian fabric in super 130's wool like Loro Piana Four Seasons or an English fabric in super 100's wool like Holland & Sherry Target Gabardine

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